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Videos in the Moment

While Facebook is the largest social media site worldwide, 48% of marketers have found Facebook marketing to be ineffective. Considering that the average Facebook user spends an hour a day on the site, marketing efforts on this platform shouldn't be difficult to achieve; You simply need to know how to maximize Facebook's new features. Facebook has dramatically changed since its launch in 2004. Today, Facebook is home to a whole new type of marketing, with 360 video, chat bot sales, and Facebook Live. Now, Facebook users expect more from their content, and here is how you can give it to them.

Facebook Live is a simple interface that connects you to your target audience in an engaging and authentic setting. These videos generate three times the engagement as traditional video marketing and ten times the amount of comments. This means you are engaging with a far more receptive audience and you will see your efforts paying off almost immediately. Simply start a live video and watch the viewers pour in!

Before you hit the start button, let's cover the basics of making a stellar Facebook Live Video!

Setting the Stage-

Create a live post- On Facebook, locate the "Go Live" button to open a new live video post. Make sure you select "Live" from the list of options on your camera settings.

Choose the privacy and post settings- There are two important settings you need to change when making a live video. First, you will need to make the video “public” so that you can generate views with your audience. Second, you may want to change the sharing options to “post” and “story” so that your livestream is shared after it has ended. Write a description- The key with your description is to be captivating and relevant. When you go live, your description and live stream will appear on people's News Feed, and a compelling description will help you gain attention and views!

Personalize- You can help viewers find you, and make your live video more personal, all by adding a location, tagging people in the video, or adding an activity. All these touches can boost your discover-ability and engagement.

Lights, Camera, Action:

Set up the Camera- Whether you have your video using your front camera or rear-facing lens, make sure you have checked the lighting, audio conditions, and have your camera held steady.

Check your Connection- You don't want your video to cut out in the middle of your stream. Connect to a reliable network and make sure your connection won't be weak during the stream.Visual Stimulation and Spontaneity- Users love seemingly spontaneous interactions and videos that are visually stimulating. Try to incorporate these elements to hold your audiences' attention.

We're Live-

Introductions- At beginning, introduce yourself and the purpose of the video. It is also a good idea to re-introduce yourself a few minutes into the stream, and every five to ten minutes after, so that viewers who are just logging on will know what is happening.

Interact- The beauty of a live video is live engagement. Viewers can comment or ask questions, and you should respond on the video and in the comment section of the video. Make sure you respond with the name of the viewer and encourage your audience to ask questions or answer your questions!

Make an Ask- There is no point in talking to a responsive audience if you don't ask them for what you want! Make sure you encourage viewers to like and share your content, to follow your pages and share them with friends, or to check out your products! Your call to action should be strong and friendly.

Lindy Chaffin Start is principal and creative director at Unstoppable Start Studios based in Atlanta, Georgia. She contributes her knowing and talents as a marketer to small businesses across the country and listeners around the world.

To learn more about all the different types of videos and the ways you can use them to maximize your visibility, contact us.

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