Entrepreneur, author, radio personality, certified entrepreneur coach, mom, speaker & community builder

It's safe to be personal these days, it is part of your authenticity and transparency.

- Lindy Chaffin Start

Are you ready to be UNSTOPPABLE?

There IS a place where you can find inspiration and direction. Have you ever dreamed of having a guide, like a personal strategist, to help you…launch your small business…live your dreams…express your creativity…take yourself seriously…think outside the box?

​Entrepreneur coach and marketing maven, Lindy Chaffin Start provides entrepreneurs, just like her, with  insight, strategy and advice to help them achieve their business goals, and more.

Lindy lives her life on purpose, using her unique gifts as a marketer, entrepreneur, certified Entrepreneur coach, author, and radio show host to lead other small business owners to realize their dreams by putting their passions, and advertising, to work.

"I use my powers of creativity, strategic planning, and intuition to create marketing strategy and advertising to help each business I work with grow. Each business is different and has its own personality, audience, and voice. My goal is to help small business owners identify these unique character traits and promote them to achieve their goals."

our Team

Laura Schulz

As a writer, editor, and strategist, Laura is an expert in communicating a message, shaping an interpretation, and utilizing creative thinking to engage an audience in surprising and fun ways. If she's not working on crafting your story, you can find her hiking and kayaking, traveling, playing an instrument, or learning a foreign language. 

Deborah Hayes

Deborah is a creative genius, a leader with a mind for strategy and an eye for award-winning design. In her over 20 years in the advertising, she has honed in on what it takes to build a successful creative game plan, and she knows exactly what plays to run and when to run them.

David Doyle

David is a humorist with a quick wit and eye for fashion. He contributes his funny bone tickling gifts as captain of our social media team. He is an author, world traveler, and best friend and continues to work in the nonprofit sector as he provides his wit and wisdom to a very grateful US.

Sherri Elliott-Yeary

Sherri is a Millennial and Generations Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author. She  understands the differences between the five generations and shares how they can live together successfully without name-calling or bloodshed.

IT Hands

In partnership with some of the top developers in their field, IT Hands provides technology development and support for everything from Google PPC campaigns to WordPress. They are valuable, global members of the Unstoppable Start team.

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