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IP Targeting

Think of online marketing as an iceberg.


Icebergs have two part: (1) the part you can see above the water (2) the substantially larger part hidden beneath the water.


Marketing to a group of people based on behavior and demographic information, or Audience Segmentation, is the ice that is visible at the waterline. It is useful in that it is a smaller chunk of ice than the glacier it fell off, but it does nothing to depict the true mass and depth of the full iceberg.


IP Targeting is the section beneath the water; it is the nitty gritty depth of information that comes with knowing exactly who you are addressing. An IP address is connected to every computer on the Internet, and the location information of that IP address can be collected, stored, and analyzed to give you all the necessary information you need to create a personalized advertisement for that individual or business.

Are you ready to create a strategy that will reach your ideal customers on the platforms where they spend the most time.


Read more about using IP Targeting: Accurate Marketing in your marketing strategy in Being Unstoppable.

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Think about your messaging and how you can bring that message online.

- Lindy Chaffin Start

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