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6 Tips to Choosing and Maximizing Promotional Products in Your Marketing Mix

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Why do you think charity events and walk-a-thons give participants t-shirts?

Is it because everyone loves a good t-shirt? Absolutely.

Is it because everyone looks awesome walking around in the same branded item? You bet.

Is it because that t-shirt becomes free advertising every time someone wears it outside of the event? Bingo.

Promotional products can boost your marketing mix effectiveness by up to 44%. There is nothing better to spend your money on than an item that not only helps your customer remember you, but helps your customer spread your message without having to do any work. Promotional items are the ticket. Not only do promotional items help spread your brand recognition and your message, but they are an easy way to show your customers that you care and appreciate their business and support. What’s more, it is a great first point-of-contact that can attract new business!

Promotional items aren’t just t-shirts; They can be anything from buttons, stickers, pencils, coffee mugs, wristbands, sunglasses, stationary, technology, you name it! It can even include a personalized bag you use for delivery or gifts.

The important thing is that the item is something your audience will keep, so it needs to have usability for your target audience, and that it maintains your brand identity.

Here are a few things you need to remember when choosing a promotional product:

1. Who is your audience Make sure that your swag is something your audience will be attracted to and will use

2. How will you distribute Before choosing a product, you need to figure out the logistics of distribution, so that your product is the right scale. If you are doing an in-person event you may use a smaller promotion so they don’t have to carry around a bulky item all day. If you are utilizing a specialty online promotion you may choose only a larger scale product to spark interest and engagement

3. When will you interact For an in-person event you need to use your promotion as a point-of-contact. This can be immediately starting a conversation or creating a reason for your audience to check back in, like for a raffle or larger prize. If you are utilizing a specialty online promotion you may focus on creating engagement and buzz online and provide the message within the promotion announcement

4. What are you asking If your audience doesn’t know what to do with your brand name, they will do nothing. Make a clear call-to-action so that your promotion doesn’t go to waste

5. Plan ahead Nothing is worse than a last-minute rush to get the right item in the right quantity in the right time frame. Plan ahead so you can make sure you are getting quality products at a reasonable price

6. Brand it Anyone can pick up a pen on the street. Not anyone can get YOUR pen with YOUR brand. Make sure whatever promotional item you choose is branded so your audience had a unique take-away that is 100% you

Lindy Chaffin Start is principal and creative director at Unstoppable Start Studios based in Atlanta, Georgia. She contributes her knowing and talents as a marketer to small businesses across the country and listeners around the world.

To learn more about promotional products, contact us.

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