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    strengthen your social media strategy

    Thursday, April 11, 2019, 3-5pm

    -or- Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 5-7pm

    Social media marketing allows us to reach target audiences in personalized, strategic, engaging ways. The beauty of targeted social media campaigns is that you can target potential buyers and sellers with campaigns that work alongside your other marketing.

    what's your marketing mix

    Thursday, April 25, 2019, 3-5pm
    -or- Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 5-7pm

    Successful growth comes from knowing your product, price, promotion, and place. The second layer of this marketing mix; you must understand and budget for marketing that keeps your brand fresh and in front of your target audience consistently.

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    Unstoppable Start Studios is not a canned approach to digital and print marketing. At US we take the time to get to know you, your business and your customers. From developing your brand or presence on the web, telling your story to reaching your ideal customer, we're here with you every step of the way. We tailor our solutions to fit your business.

  • your web presence at work

    Generate leads. Convert leads into customers. Get ahead of the competition.

    Be it.

    build a brand that is all you

    You are unique. Your small business is unique too. Developing a brand personality that sets you apart from your competition and gets the attention of your target audience is something you don't want to leave to chance. Let US help you design an unforgettable small business brand.

    Build It.

    customized websites and landing pages

    Generate and capture leads. US creates branded, mobile-responsive websites and landing pages for you, specific products, or campaigns. From a simple landing page to an e-commerce website with thousands of products, US is here to take the guesswork out of building your online presence.

    Send It.

    branded e-mail marketing

    Follow up on leads. US develops your personal brand into actionable e-mails with your message and client specific data. Announce a new product, touch base with a monthly newsletter, or offer a discount to stay fresh in your customers' minds.

    Film It.

    customized video

    Customers are nearly 50% more likely to read emails that include video or links to video. (Source: Animoto Online and Social Video Marketing Study) Let US create video to promote your company or products.

    Post It.

    targeted social media campaigns

    Let US target potential buyers and sellers with social media campaigns that work in tandem with your e-mail marketing.

    Write It.

    copy written with purpose

    Let US write concise, colorful SEO copy compelling potential customers to learn more, make an appointment, or hurry to your brick and mortar or online store.

    Print It.

    give them something to hold on to

    After your digital marketing draws customers in be sure to let US provide you with high quality, branded print materials including flyers, brochures, postcards and inserts so they have something to remember you by.

    Text It.

    customized SMS campaigns

    Let US launch an SMS campaign to engage with your customers, promote products, sales, and build brand awareness

    Target It.

    affordable IP targeting

    Welcome to a new approach to online advertising: IP targeting. Let go of inaccurate cookie-based behavioral data and let US turn your CRM into ads that reach your target audience members at a price any small business can afford.

    Promote It.

    promotional products priced right

    Great prices. No minimums. Products that will keep you on your customers' minds. At Unstoppable Start we can make recommendations, design it, print it, and deliver it to your door.

  • a few examples of an Unstoppable Start

    We love digital and print marketing and it shows.


    If you build it they will come. In today's competitive online environment, that's not the case. If you build it, SEO it, market it, link it, click through it, well, you get the idea. It takes so much more to market your small business today. And honestly, who has the time. You need to be your customer's everything. Let US give your small business the Unstoppable Start it deserves.

  • cohesive branding

    Just because we do it all doesn't mean you have to. Unstoppable Start Studios was built on the idea that small business owners would have affordable options available from one source. A source familiar with their business and customers. We solve our customers' marketing dilemmas with customized solutions that get results.

    Georgia Autism Center

    Developing the brand for Georgia Autism Center started with Dr. Jaymie's ideas of how she wanted the logo to represent her career up to point of launching her new business. The fox is a visual representation of her name and USS was able to combine it easily with imagery well recognized within the ASD community. Once the brand was complete, we created a beautiful, client centric website with a storyteller video, branded all of the forms, created letterhead, business cards, and a tri-fold brochure that could be mailed to announce their grand opening.

    A&M Instruments

    A&M Instruments was a wonderful study in growing a business's online presence. It started with a simple logo update that took the spirit of their older brand and updated it. From there, USS developed a user-friendly eCommerce site with over 1,000 products. Once the website was complete, we began to push products out in national print magazines as well as a digital re-marketing campaign. A&M has experienced 40% growth in online sales year-over-year since the new site's inception.

    Romance on Wheels

    Launching Romance on Wheels was a fun project for US. It started with a beautiful brand board that set the tone for the entire project. The website (currently out of service) allowed customers to schedule phone consultations and book appointments. The launch included social media countdown graphics, a full SMS campaign, business cards, mailers, handouts, and signage for the grand opening event.

    Hold Me Tight Weekends

    Another beautiful brand study, Hold Me tight Weekends has experienced immeasurable growth since joining the USS family. Starting with a beautiful new brand, USS developed a fully SEO'ed website where couples can learn about the benefits of emotionally focused therapy, upcoming workshops, and register to attend. Branded email marketing and social media ads round out their campaigns.

  • what makes US unstoppable

    Lindy Chaffin Start

    the original unstoppable start

    Talk about a personalized experience. Lindy is not only the president of Unstoppable Start Studios, LLC, you might also find her on-site taking photos, adding her personal touches to your copy and websites, or running to the printer to pick up mailers that need to go out ASAP. She's proud to serve as her daughter's Girl Scout troop leader, serves on the board of her neighborhood swim and tennis club, supports education, children's and veteran's charities, and makes time to read daily.

    what people are saying

    our metro-Atlanta customers give great reviews

    "Thanks again for making this easy breezy. You're very talented and knowledgeable, and you understand those that don't understand what you know."

    - Matt H.


    "You are a great resource. You really know what you are doing."

    - Stephen P.

    "Lindy's guidance was second to none."

    - Michael D.


    "Wow! This is great and thorough! I so appreciate your stirring all of our thoughts/feedback into one pot and making great soup out of it!"

    - Alan G.


    "OMG the video is amazing!!"

    - Christy B.


    "Thank you for this amazing compilation and synthesis of our thoughts and your feedback."

    - Kathy L.

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