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PR and Branding Trends for 2017

by Wendy Dessler

· Public Relations,Branding

The new year has begun, and right on schedule, we begin asking experts and searching for their predictions for what trends will carry us through the next 12 months. Sometimes these predictions come true, and sometimes, not so much.

Still, we use the information available to us from experienced PR firms, and success is usually the result, if not in the exact order predicted. Public relations is an ever-changing industry.

With an industry that can change from day to day, predicting the coming year is a challenge. Still, the tools we have are pretty good and we can get pretty close.

So, what can we expect to see for 2017?


We all believe we are honest business people. Of course, our clients think we are too, or they would not be our clients.

Honesty and integrity have always been in big demand, but in 2017 it will be expected even in the biggest of big corporations. It is easier than ever to get facts. In most cases, they are right at our fingertips.

Businesses want the plain truth, no matter how bitter the pill may be to swallow. Failure to provide honesty and transparency will be a costly error. Perhaps the trend will be spotlighting dishonesty.

Regardless, if you make a mistake, you better own it. Even if you are sitting on information that is unpleasant and negative, give it up candidly.

When people “talk” today, it is not a gripe session at the water cooler. It is usually online and more people see it than we care to admit. The public will forgive you for making a mistake, but covering it up is a cardinal sin.


We all know mega-corporations are complex and a breed of their own. Technology has allowed us to keep up, communicate, and service accounts from the mom and pop deli, to the shipping giants.

In 2017, that level of service is still expected, but personalization will be expected as well. Experienced PR firms have always kept a personal feel with all of their clients.

Personalization is already a buzzword for the year. Corporations will implement personal features into their websites. This technology lets the client know that you know them and what they want.

An example is a dancewear shop that lists the items the shopper uses repeatedly to make their shopping order easy. A pizza parlor that shows you what you ordered the last few times to help you get what you want. Ebay, Amazon, even Facebook use personalization programs.


We have heard a lot of business to business to marketing, and it is an effective marketing tool that has earned its stripes. But this year expect more human to human marketing. This means communicating with the actual person who makes the decisions and choices. This will take some effort.

PR firms will have to do the work to know who actually makes the call. With around the clock communication available (and that is not going away) it will require some effort to discover who is past the email and website.

Technology will be a huge advantage. With the ability to facetime, Skype, and video conference, there are plenty of ways to have face-to-face time.

Of course, experienced public relations companies already know the value of targeting their audience, being open and honest, and providing personal service. For those who have their business in order, the 2017 transition is an easy step.

Author Bio

Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Towering SEO who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition. You can contact her on Twitter.

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