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Are You Socially Awkward?

Using Social Media to Grow Your Brand

I’m sure you’ve heard the term social media ad nauseam. Specializing in web design and digital marketing in Atlanta gives me plenty of opportunity to utilize social media to not only sell my customer’s brand, but mine as well. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a green-behind-the-ears newbie, having a strong social media marketing strategy is key to being successful in today’s business world. But how do you avoid being social media awkward? The basics are simple: choose the best social media outlets to build your brand and post, post, post!

There are many social messaging venues to choose from. Options like Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube are valuable opportunities to get your brand out into the world – having the potential to reach millions in mere moments. In fact, according to, Facebook touches approximately 1,100,000,000 unique visitors each month and Twitter reaches about 310,000,000 unique visitors each month. If used wisely, the vast resource of social media and digital marketing can be a treasure-trove of new customers.

Once you have chosen which sites you’d like to utilize – and it can be all of them if you’d like – creating a plan and deciding in what ways you want to grow your brand to reach potential clients is next.

Like an artist who uses different styles to convey his or her creativity, you must decide on what medium you’d like to use to get your brand out before the masses. Everything from email marketing to photos, videos, memes and content, offer a diverse marketing cornucopia that awaits your brand’s fingerprint. However, the social media outlet you are using may dictate your posts. For instance, if you are using Instagram, a photo or image is appropriate. If Facebook or YouTube, a video may be your best bet. Even if you are using plain old-fashioned text, you may want to consider including a video or image of some kind. Posts with images receive 94% more views. Whatever medium you chose to use, be creative. Consider your brand, your audience, and what you are trying to sell and develop imaginative, clever ways to convey your message. Remember, the more you can get your viewers to share your post, the more potential business you may get.

Whichever means you use to get your message out, keep in mind a few basics. First, be consistent. Posting to sites once a month is not going to drive your brand. You should develop a social marketing plan, and post something to those sites at least a few times a week. Second, do your research. See what type of posts your competitors are using and be innovate in creating something better. Ultimately, you want your viewers to share your posts and do your marketing for you. And thirdly, but certainly not lastly, stay true to your brand. Remember your audience and what message you are ultimately trying to get out to the public and utilize every resource available to you to creatively drive your brand.

There are a lot of businesses that are in desperate need of these types of services and I am lucky to be in a thriving city like Atlanta doing web design and digital marketing. If you follow your heart and some commonsense planning, you too can go from socially awkward to social media guru.

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